Eco-Friendly Fall Fashions

With New York Fashion Week behind us and the temperature dropping at an alarming rate, the time for more layers will soon be upon us. We figured if you’re going to look good you might as well be environmentally conscious too…right? Well it turns out we’re not the only ones who think so. Companies are cashing in on consumers’ growing environmental awareness by labeling their clothes “green,” without actually changing their production process too much. Here are a few designers and website that took things to the next level when it comes to environmentally friendly fall fashions

ASOS Green Room


ASOS is a website based in the UK and the Green Room is where all of their eco-friendly products are showcased. Some of the items shown include recycled metal jewelry and a plethora of repurposed vintage clothing. Prices start at $5 – $3000 so get ready to spend a little…or a lot.

Three Leaves



Three Leaves is a men’s website based in Red Hook Brooklyn that features clothing from many different designers.  All the items must meet strict environmental standards before they are featured. Some of the designers include Oeko-Tex, Global Organic Textile Standard, and more.  Organic Cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and hemp are just some of the Eco-friendly based materials that are used.  They even reduce the amount of shipping material in each delivery.  Their sweaters and footwear are among my favorites of all brands (eco-friendly or not). Prices range from $40 – $1000.


Study NY


Yet another Brooklyn based company, Study NY was created by Tara St.James who happens to have experience in the eco-friendly department. Tara uses a lot of organic cotton, linen, hand-dyed fabrics and recycled materials in her amazing pieces. With Tara’s involvement in The Uniform Project, a fundraising platform using sustainable design to raise money for underprivileged children, some of the money is going toward more than just fashion. Prices range from $75-$398.

Titania Inglis


Titania is a Brooklyn based designer who was recognized for inventive designs as well as her environmental efforts. The winner of the 2012 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award in Sustainable Design uses such materials as Japanese organic cotton, French vegetable-stained leather, and dead stock wool from the Garment District. It’s said that her innovative designs can be wore many different ways, reducing the need to purchase more and therefore reducing production.



Loomstate is one of the few massively produced companies to use eco-friendly techniques and materials. They use materials like tencel, eliminate manufacturing wastes and aim for a closed loop production system. The 321 pieces in their collection can be worn up to five different ways which reduces wastes (and not to mention you’ll look pretty hot!)