Odd Holidays in October

As we reach the end of September, the Halloween vibe is already in full swing.  Halloween is such a big deal in this day and age that people seem to forget that they’re a lot of neat holidays that take place during the month of October (nope…Columbus Day is pretty lame actually)that are worth celebrating. Here are some pretty odd holidays that you might not have known about that take place during the month of October.

October 1st – World Vegetarian Day – First recognized in 1977, World Vegetarian Day was created to encourage everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables. Vegetarians are people who eat no meat and animal cruelty awareness is also a big part of the day. Not a bad way to get the month started, huh?

October 4th – National Frappe Day – Somewhere between coffee, ice cream and milkshake is a frappe. Does it really matter?!?! It’s your job to order on October 4th. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks give out some free frappes on this day (hint hint clue clue).

October 5th – Do Something Nice Day – After you spend the day before drowning in frappes you should take the time out to well…do something nice! Help an old lady across the street, hold the door for the person behind you, or even treat your friends out to dinner. If there was a day to go above and beyond to show not only the people you care about but everyone the world is still full of good people, today would be that day.

October 7th – World Smile Day – World Smile Day celebrates the smiley face, created by Harvey Ball in 1963. Harvey created the smiley face for The State Mutual Life Assurance Company and it was used to help boast company morale. Being that seeing a smiley face is an almost full proof way to cheer someone else or even yourself up, I’d say it worked.  Acts of kindness, positivity and goodwill are all cornerstones of this day.

October 11th – It’s My Party Day –It’s your party, you could cry if you want to…and it’s all within reason!

October 16th – Boss’s Day – Show your boss that you care and you are thankful for the opportunity that’s been given to you (aka a job) on Boss Day. Created in 1958 by Patrica Bays Haroski to honor her boss (who ironically was her father) whose birthday fell on the same day, Boss Day should be a day where we honor our employers and make them feel as valued as they make us feel.

October 16th – Dictionary Day – Not only will you be honoring your boss on October 16, you’ll be honoring Noah Webster as well. Noah Webster is considered the father of the American dictionary and also shares the same birthday as Ms. Haroski’s dad. The goal of Dictionary Day is to improve on vocabulary skills and diction.

October 18th – No Beard Day – The calm before the storm that is No Shave November, No Beard Day is the day you shave off that crazy mane before not shaving until next year…possibly. I would expect this holiday to show up more towards the Spring date but hey, I don’t make the rules.

October 30th – Mischief Night – definitely the most popular of the odd October holidays, Mischief Night is sort of the Halloween before Halloween (like we need more than one).  It’s SUPPOSE to be a night full of harmless fun…but let’s face it, you give some people a tomato and they can’t help but launch it at somebody’s face. Keep it classy people.

Other odd holidays:

Virus Appreciation Day (October 3rd)

International Frugal Fun Day (October 5th)

Leif Erickson Day (October 9th)

Moment of Frustration Day (October 12th)

National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day (October 21st)

Mother-In-Law Day (October 27th)

Increase your Psychic Powers Day (October 31st)



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