Thanksgiving Done Differently

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Family and friends and other people you’ve haven’t seen in forever are in town and are ready for some food and some good times. So how do you keep the Thanksgiving memories rolling when staying true to your eco-friendly nature? Just keep reading.




Take Public Transportation







First off let’s start with how you’re going to get to your destination.  If you’re going to not going to far walking is obviously best. Since you’re walking cooking a bit more wouldn’t be a big deal either (just kidding…half kidding).If you’re going a much further distance I would say take the bus and a cab is a last resort. Take the subway ONLY if you’re not carrying a ton of food with you…you’ve been warned.


Invite Friends

Whether you’re going to a loved one’s house or staying in one thing is important; DO NOT SPEND THANKSGIVING ALONE!!! Thanksgiving (the holidays in general) is a time to be anything but. Invite some friends over and tell them to bring some food.


Make the Meal Organic


Using only organic is an ideal Thanksgiving situation. A meal free of chemical pesticides is still all too rare nowadays and what better day to introduce someone to a better and more tasty way of eating and living. Organic meat is produced without antibiotics and artificial hormones resulting in a meal that is tons better for your health.


Flag Football

In between all of the catching up and watching the game, get active and toss the pigskin around. Make sure you guys bring the flags; although I don’t think that’ll stop you’re grandpa from pulling a hammy.


Make it a Day of Reflection and Spirituality

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and prayer (not just before the meal). Make time for prayer, reflection, or maybe just a nice walk (this one, is actually ok after the meal). Be thankful that you’ve seen another year filled with grown. Be thankful for your friends and all the opportunities you gotten in life.

If someone is too far away to join you for your Thanksgiving feast send them and email or give them a phone call and let them know you are thankful for them as well.