Eco-Friendly Tips to Teach Your Kids

My mom used to tell me things like “don’t throw that candy wrapper on the floor” or “PUT THE PLASTIC IN A DIFFERENT BAG!” Yea, beside the fact that my mom yelled quite often, she instilled a lot of eco-friendly values (unbeknownst to me) that are almost like second nature. Thinking about this got me thinking…what would be some good eco-friendly tips for today’s generation? Here are a couple of good examples.

Recycle Cell Phones and Batteries

With technology changing every other month, we all end up with a few old phones and their batteries lying around.  Rechargeable or not, it is important that batteries get recycled.  According to the advocacy group Californians against Waste, more than 80% of rechargeable batteries contain the hazardous heavy metals nickel and cadmium.  However, as of only a few years ago, less than 20% of rechargeable batteries were recycled.  In California alone, more than 34,000 tons of batteries were sent to landfills in 2004. (According to

Market Managers at GrowNYC provide collection boxes for you and your kids’ old cell phones and batteries so it’s a good idea to round them up as soon as you can and clear that bit of clutter from the junk drawer.

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Create a home recycling center

Here’s one that really hits home for me (no pun intended). There were at least two garbage bags out and two bins of trash (garbage bags for the paper and plastic and the bins for the glass and metals) at all times.  At first, I would just throw my trash in whatever was closer to me at the time but as I got older I realized just how important organizing your trash really is.

The four garbage bag technique is definitely recommended. It’s an easy way to monitor your kid’s recycling habits and a good way to instill proper recycling ethics in them early.

Help with recycling drives

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. Kids are anticipating their presents and Christmas vacation. What better way or time then now to take them to one of the many recycling drives going on around the city. Not only will they learn the true meaning of Christmas, it’ll also help them learn basic recycling etiquette.

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