Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Christmas is next week and we’re all frantically running from store to store trying to find that perfect gift for that special someone.  On top of THIS being a difficult task, it gets about 20x harder when searching for our eco-friendly brethren. We think we can make your search just a little bit easier and remember to use recycled gift wraps!




Sprout Watches

Everyone loves a nice watch. With that being said, you might as well have something fashion-forward and eco-friendly; enter Sprout Watches

Sprout Watches specialize in some of the most eco-friendly watches available. Using materials such as biodegradable corn resin, bamboo, cork, organic cotton, mother of pearl conflict free diamonds and Swarovski’s Advanced Lead-Free Crystal is common practice for Sprout. Anyone is sure to love a Sprout as a gift.











Clothing and money have to be the go-to gifts for most of us and when it comes to that eco-friendly someone we got to make sure we do them right. We made a list of some eco-friendly clothing lines we’re fond of in our Eco-Friendly Fall Fashions post a while ago but here are some more you can get into:












Eco-Friendly toys are getting really popular. I’m guessing it’s because kids like to put things in their mouths and most toys were made with SO many toxic chemicals back in the day. Nevertheless, snagging some pretty great environmentally conscious toys is as simple as a Google search or a visit to your local Toys R’ Us. I gotten quite fond of Magic Cabin’s eco-friendly kids section; one look and you will be too. Check it out here.



Spending time with your friends and family is the most eco conscious gift one can give and it won’t cost a thing. A simple “Happy Holidays” to your neighbor and a couple of phone calls to your friends and family who are a bit too far and you’ll see…not only will it put THEM in the holiday spirit (if they aren’t already) but you’ll see yourself get a little more festive too.