Simple Solutions for New Year’s Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe holiday and welcome to 2014. With the new year comes all the resolutions that we are usually hard-pressed to keep and they only get more difficult as the year progresses. Luckily, we took a look at some of the most common new year resolutions and how to keep them.  Take a look.

Lose Weight

You hear it every year “this is the year I’m gonna shed the weight” or “this year I’m FINALLY gonna hit the gym.” Words from your friends and family members for sure and if you don’t hear it…it’s probably you. Don’t worry, this year CAN be the year you shed those pounds.

  • Make Sure you’re ready for change – Don’t just talk about it, BE about it
  • Set Goals – Like most things in life, set goals in daily, monthly and yearly sets and follow them as closely as possible
  • Eat Mindfully – Eating mindfully and healthy is key to weight loss. Weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.  Don’t jump onto the latest weight loss craze, make eating right a lifestyle change.
  • Commit to exercise – Even if it’s just taking the stairs, commit to being active daily.  You don’t have to join the gym and become a gym rat because there are many at home workouts that offer great results.  Some trainers even offer full workouts for free on Youtube.
  • Get Support – Workout with friends and other like-minded people.  Having an accountability partner keeps you goal focused.  Plus working out with others is always more fun.



Eat Healthy Foods

Tying into the weight loss goals… many people make the proclamation to eat healthy in the new year but are running back to burgers and fries a week later.  I know eating healthy is hard, especially when you’re looking to save money.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank and once you get into the habit (and start planting your own food…we’ll get into that in the spring) you’ll be eating healthy AND saving money, WIN WIN!

  • Eat More fruits and vegetables – A good first step to eating healthy would be to eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies are cheaper by the bundle and be sure to buy what’s in season.
  • Limit Liquid Calories – I’ll admit, this is a pretty hard one for me to do. That soda with lunch, even fruit juices can be high in sugar and calories.  Reach for the water instead.
  • Natural over Artificial foods – Eat more unprocessed food and read the labels.  Too many, or hard to pronounce ingredients are usually a red flag. 
  • Limit your portions – An easy way to cut down on your portion sizes is to use smaller plates.  We tend to want to fill our plates s going with a smaller plate is a great little mind trick.



If you haven’t started recycling yet, IT’S 2014! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU! We’ve written a couple articles on this topic so I’ll spare you the list. I will however say check out this article “Eco-Friendly Tips to Teach Your Kids. It’s a good place to start.