At Nature First Cleaning Services we aren’t just concerned with using green cleaning agents, we employ full green cleaning techniques. Nature First’s true pride is our home aromatherapy services. This service provides clients with more than just a clean home but a re-energized home.

Our base rate is $40/hr (per cleaning specialist) for residential cleanings. Discounts are provided to clients who are on a recurring weekly/bi-weekly/monthly cleaning schedule. All cleaning jobs are subject to an 8.875% NYC sales tax.

We have found that homes require at least 3 hours to be effectively cleaned. After the initially cleaning, if you decide to continue on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly schedule the minimum time required is 2 hours.

For clients who have a washer/dryer in their home or apartment (or in the building) we are able to do laundry. We will do as many loads as possible within the scheduled cleaning time. If you would like more loads laundered than your booking time allows you will be billed the hourly rate for the additional time.

We can also drop your laundry off for you to nearest laundromat for “Wash and Fold” service.

While we do provide all cleaning agents and most cleaning supplies, we do ask that clients have a vacuum (if there is carpet/rugs), toilet bowl scrubbers, step stool, broom, mop and bucket. These products, with the exception of a vacuum, can be provided to clients at a minimal costs. Please notify us when scheduling your appointment if any of these supplies will need to be purchased.

Many clients become attached to a particular cleaning specialist, and so we try to keep your experience with us as consistent as possible. We strive to schedule the same cleaning specialists to return to your home with every appointment. Having the same specialist in your home enables them to become familiar with every crevice in your home and allows them to be as efficient as possible. However, it is possible that in the case of an emergency a different cleaning specialist will complete your cleaning requirements.

Most clients are not in the home during their cleaning appointments. Many let us in before leaving for work, leave the key with the front desk, or have a key on file in our office. It is your preference.

We are fully insured. We take every precaution in your home to ensure the proper handling of all your possessions. In the event of accidental damages we will notify you by phone, email and/or leave a note. If something is damaged that we are unaware of, please contact our offices within 24hrs of your cleaning appointment. However we know that there many be items in your home of sentimental value which cannot be replaced so we always take the utmost care in your home.

We accept most major credit cards. A card must be on file before any residential appointment will be confirmed. That card will be billed after your appointment. We do not accept cash or check payments. Cleaning technicians cannot accept payment for cleaning jobs. If you need to update your payment method you may use this link > Credit Card Submission

We require 48 hr notice for rescheduling or canceling appointments. If cleaning specialist arrives or is on route to home before cancelation/reschedule notice is received a $20 fee will apply. If cleaning specialist is locked out of premises for any reason and no cancelation/rescheduling notice is received he/she is instructed to wait at premises for 30 minutes. After which a $40 lock out fee will apply.

We love pets! Many of our cleaning technicians are pet owners as well. We require all pets to be crated or placed in an enclosed area during cleanings. We can let your pet out of his/her crate after the cleaning if you wish.