Corporate Housing Cleaning, Airbnb Cleaning New York City

Our goal is to make the lives of AirBnB hosts and corporate travelers as easy as possible.

We provide a full turndown service after each guest as well as cleanings during their stay if needed.

Turndown Service Includes:
– Full cleaning and sanitizing of bathroom(s)
– Clean and restock all dishware
– Inside refrigerator cleaned
– Stove top cleaned
– Restock/refill all essential items
– Bedding replaced
– Dusting of living spaces
– Linens laundered (additional charge may apply if washer/dryer not in apartment/building)


As with all our other residential cleaning services, we charge only by the hour.  With the exception of laundry services, you never have to worry about paying an additional fee for having additional items cleaned.

With AirBnB and Corporate Housing Turndown there is no minimum cleaning time.  We are also able to accommodate late night cleanings.

Contact us today to learn more or get an account setup or (646)340-4766