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House Cleaning Company and Professional Maid Cleaning Services in NYCHouse Cleaning Company NYC

We understand the challenges a cleaning service provider has to address while dealing with residential properties. Specifically, catering to the special needs of the most vulnerable members of your household, the kids and pets. This is why we make a conscious effort to only use the safest products and ingredients for your cleaning service.

Moreover, we comply with all the safety standards and environmental concerns as set by the local authorities. All these are meant to ensure that the residential cleaning process is handled with utmost responsibility and care.

Client-Friendly Service Provider of Residential Cleaning New York City

Nature First Cleaning Services with the reputation of the most client-friendly service provider of residential cleaning New York City always emphasises on the priorities of the clients. We are always ready to serve as per the client’s requirements.

This means that we are ready to serve any time the client wishes. This makes us a favourite among the modern day professional families, those who want their home cleaning task be completed while they are busy at work.

At Nature First Cleaning Services we provide more than a clean home; we transform your home into a relaxing haven to be enjoyed with friends and family (or for some relaxing alone time). Our goal is to provide clients with a clean, rejuvenating atmosphere. We aim to ensure your home welcomes you in after a busy day and is a relaxing and tranquil haven you will enjoy coming back to. A clean, re-energized home is what our clients can look forward to.

We maintain utmost transparency:

Nature First Cleaning Services believes in maintaining transparency with the clients regarding the the cost of cleaning services. There are never hidden charges or upcharges whether you are booking professional maid cleaning services or seasonal deep cleaning work. We employ a simple hourly cleaning rate which makes it easy to budget and customize your residential cleaning service to your needs.

Finally, Nature Fresh Cleaning invites  you to experience a thoroughly cleaned home.       

In home laundry service is available for clients with washer/dryer facilities in their home or building.

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Since we do not charge an additional fee for special tasks (with some exceptions) your cleaning can be customized to suit your needs and budget.

Request Our Aromatherapy Services:

Pure essential oils are burned to welcome you into a home that encourages you to relax and unwind. All linens are misted with Nature First’s own blend of essential oil linen mist. Clients have the option of lavender or eucalyptus aromatherapy packages, as well as seasonal options.

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