At Nature First we go that extra mile to provide you with a clean and healthy home. Listed below are our company policies. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding these policies or if you have questions regarding our cleaning services.

Payment: We accept most major credit cards. We require a credit card be on file in our office regardless prior to confirming any appointments. If the billing address on the card does not match the address where service is to be provided an I.D. must also be provided. The card on file will be billed at the completion of all appointments unless an updated card is provided.

Pets: We require that all pets (cats, dogs, birds, snakes, other) be either crated or in an enclosed area that our employees do not have to clean. This allows us to work quicker and safer. If your pet needs to be let into the house or out of the crate after the appointment, let us know.

Trash: Trash will be gathered and placed in a central location (outdoor bin for homes/disposal or basements), unless you instruct us otherwise. Nature First Cleaning Services will not be responsible for anything sent out in the trash.

Special service requests: If you need special services such as carpet spot cleaning, window washing, oven cleaning, etc,  you must request these services prior to the day of your cleaning. We may not be able to accommodate same day requests depending on time management and what supplies the cleaning technician has on hand.

Small service requests: Services such as changing of bed linens, shower curtains, and other small service requests can be performed along with your regular cleaning. In most cases there will not be an extra charge for these services. What makes our services unique is that we only charge an hourly rate and don’t upcharge most additional services. Please leave a note in a visible location such as kitchen counter or call/email our office to request these services. Prior notice is always appreciated.

Equipment/cleaning chemicals: Nature First Cleaning Services will provide all necessary cleaning supplies. We do ask that customers provide the following items: vacuum, toilet bowl brush, broom, mop and bucket, 2 sponges with scrubbing side, as well as a step ladder. If you do not have these items in your home they can be provided at a nominal charge, with the exception of a vacuum. Please notify office prior to scheduled cleaning if any of these items need to be provided.

Cancellation policy: We understand there may be times when you have to change plans. We do require 48hr notice for rescheduling or cancelling appointments. If cleaning specialist arrives or is on route to your home before cancellation/reschedule notice is received a $20 fee will apply.

Lockouts: If cleaning specialist is locked out of premises for any reason and no cancellation/rescheduling notice is received he/she is instructed to wait at premises for 30 minutes. After which a $40 lock out fee will apply.

Lateness: We know that your time is valuable and strive to always arrive on time to scheduled cleanings. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. If cleaning specialist is late it’s more than likely a result of subway delays, in which case he/she is probably stuck in a tunnel without reception and unable to notify you that he/she is running late. For morning appointments we do provide you with a specific time of arrival and if a cleaning specialist is more than 20 minutes late you will receive a half-hour (30 minutes) cleaning credit. For midday appointments, we provide a 60 minute window of arrival to compensate for any delays with the cleaning prior to yours. At the end of that window the same 20 minute policy applies.

Missed Appointments: It’s only natural that sometimes your cleaning specialist may fall sick or face an emergency. We will make every attempt to keep your appointment by sending another specialist but depending on scheduling conflicts it may not always be possible. If we are unable to provide you with 24 hour advance notice of a schedule change or cancellation, we will compensate you with a full one (1) hour of cleaning credit.

Keys: If you are not going to be home to let your cleaning specialist in, arrangements need to be made for entry into your home. A key can be kept on file in our office or left in a place our employees have easy access to, such as with a doorman. Alternatively, clients may purchase a lockbox to store keys. If we arrive to clean and cannot gain entry into the home, a lockout fee of $40 will be charged.

Damage: Our cleaning specialists take the utmost care in your home, however, if one of our employees accidentally breaks/damages an item a note will be left and our office will call you to make arrangements for compensation. If something was damaged that we are unaware of please contact our offices within 24 hours of the cleaning to file a report. Unfortunately if too much time passes between the cleaning time and when a report is filed, it makes it difficult to establish whether the damage was done by the cleaning technician.

Issues/concerns about the service provided: Nature First Cleaning Services will leave a note if any problems were encountered while cleaning your home. If you ever have any questions about your cleaning please call our office immediately so we can address your concerns. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, be it positive or negative.

Guarantee: Nature First Cleaning Services proudly offers a 24 hour cleaning redo policy. If you are not pleased with the quality of your cleaning please contact us within 24 hours and we will immediately schedule a time to correct the issue. Issues MUST be reported to our office within 24 hours to ensure the nature of your home reflects that of the cleaning and not day-to-day living.

*Nature First Cleaning Services reserves the right to amend these policies at anytime. By accepting any Nature First Cleaning Services appointment client acknowledges that they have read, fully understood and agree to all Nature First Cleaning Services policies. Client understands that any fees (cancelation, lockouts, etc) will automatically be charged to the credit card on file with Nature First Cleaning Services.